Excel Formulas Course - Intermediate / AdvancedRobin Miller

Excel Formulas Course: Intermediate/Advanced

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This course focuses specifically on some of the more advanced Excel formulas. Learning new formulas is the quickest way to become even more productive and efficient in Excel.

It is ideal for late intermediates or advanced users who are generally good in Excel but are looking to take their skill-level up a notch or two, and be even more efficient and effective. At this level formulas are about saving time and increasing productivity.

The formulas and Extension Exercises in this course deliberately get quite complex! Even if you’re a accomplished Excel user, we think there is still stuff even you can learn here.

Microsoft Excel is full of amazing features, with new ones being added regularly. However, there are still many thousands of businesses that have standard installations of Excel (Office) not Office365, so cannot access all these snazzy new features. This course has been deliberately created using a standard install of Excel so that it can be accessed by nearly all current Excel users, even the ones with the most up-to-date O365 version.

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Excel Formulas Course - Intermediate / Advanced

Lesson List

Lesson Structure
1. Video – Watch the video tutorial to get a basic grip on the formula
2. Explanation – Contains an introduction, followed by details of the syntax (how to create the formula), what each of its elements mean, then examples, and finally some useful notes
3. Video – Re-watch the video to gain a full understanding
4. Practical Exercise – The best way to learn is by doing!
5. Extension – An extra practical exercise to test your new learning, or something harder to have a go at if you already know the formula in this lesson
Sections 1 to 4 are designed to take about 20 minutes, each lesson is easy to fit round a busy schedule.

Intermediate skill level  (or at least have completed the beginner/intermediate course on this site)
Microsoft Excel (2007 onwards)
Somewhere to save downloaded practice files

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